Nursing a newborn – my bf’ing notes

Please ignore this if nursing or breastfeeding freaks you out! I’m making a post of this for my own notes.

1. Avoid mastitis (ouch!) by pumping and nursing regularly. Do not let milk build up until it hurts.

2. Get nursing pads to avoid any embarrassments in public and staining my clothes.

3. Unlatch a baby by slipping a finger inside his mouth to break the suction. Otherwise, ouch! Babies are like sticky urchins when they feed.

4. The correct way for baby to latch on is to get a wide mouthful. Stop him if he only latches onto a bit of skin, otherwise, ouch again!

5. Alternate each side when feeding.

6. Using a breast pump and feeding can build up supply as well as get rid of engorgement. Feeding more often means more milk coming in. Feed less often, but suffer through the engorgement to get my milk supply to dry up.

7. Even if I get everything right, it’ll probably still hurt. Think of BB and why I’m doing this.

8. Get lanolin cream. Stock up on it. I may have Alvin pick up a case when he goes to New Zealand next month.

9. Learn how to use a breast pump before I go back to work. I don’t want BB to have to go on formula. It’s overpriced and who knows what’s going on with the safety of milk powder nowadays. I’m still wary of anything that may have been contaminated or fake products from China.

10. Get some steam sanitizing bags or a microwave sterilizer. Mom keeps telling me that she boiled my bottles in a pot, and that I don’t need all that extra stuff in my house, but nobody’s got time to watch a boiling pot these days. Not to mention doing it multiple times and during summer. I’m getting sweaty just thinking about it. No thank you. I’m going to be a modern mama and admit when we’ve progressed and gotten some things right.

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