Surprise! Alvin + I + BB = 3!!!!

A lot has happened since my last post, the biggest of all being that Alvin and I are expecting our first baby in February 2017! Ahhh!

Mum and dad are super excited over their first grandbaby and I’m part blissed and part scared out of my hair about what’s going to happen.

So far I’ve created my baby registry, planned out itineraries for my family to come over for my baby shower, and Alvin is still procrastinating about packing a hospital bag. Grrr, men!

Mom thinks I’m crazy and definitely stupid for trying this, but I think I’m going to use cloth diapers and breastfeed instead of relying on formula. I know it’ll be a lot of work compared to just throwing away a diaper after each change, but I have 3 months of maternity leave and I plan to alternate breastfeeding with a steady supply of pumped breast milk I’ll keep in our freezer so it shouldn’t be too bad. Well, too bad compared to the normal sleep deprived post partum period every new mom goes through!

Mom is pitching in and getting us our preferred breast pump, the Spectra S1 double electric pump in this review from HK. It’s supposed to be as good as the pumps they rent out from the hospital, but at 1/10 the price and I won’t have to share with anyone else. It’ll be all mine!

The nursery is almost all set up and we are all set with the car seat and other misc baby supplies. We still need to find a stroller we like. I’ve spent so many weekends at BabysR’Us trying out strollers but none of them seem right, or the ones I like cost waaaayyyy too much money!

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