Just back from hairdressing trip

Hi everybody!  I recently landed a gig as a hairdresser on a fashion shoot in glamorous Ibiza!!!!!  It was just absolutely amazing.  we did the shoot on a boat and partly at a rented villa and even though the weather was absolutely horrid and humid the pictures came out beautiful!   Our stylists were very nice and even let us keep some of the pieces used during the shoot.  I can’t reveal what the shoot is for but I will tell you that you will see my handy work in three months time in a widely published UK magazine. :D

As for me, I wore a gorgeous vintage dress during the shoot and while it worked wonderfully at keeping me cool and not sweating like a pig, I sure did regret it the day after!!!!  Can you say sunburn OUCH!  That Spanish sun sure is killer.  Well right now I am back at home and sitting comfy in my silk PJs.  As soon as I finish typing this I am going to paint my nails a gorgeous aqua color just like the waters in Ibiza.

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