What is wrong with modern culture

I must say, you make a fine point. I capitulate in part to your theory in regard to such lame productions being partially for the purpose of appeasing one’s partner, whether she be blonde or he a thug. And I also acknowledge the fact that many people watch movies and television to forget about their hard day’s work. The only problem is, I am of the opinion that many people don’t even think while they are at work. In which case, they should certainly be making up for it when they finally get home. However, there are many of us (though growing less, it seems) who watch films for the artistry of such things as direction, cinematography, acting and set design. There is nothing I love more than a grim, morbid-looking film, a pure hit for the aesthetic-dependent. Directors like David Fincher, actors like John Malkovich, and films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are worthy of such praise. One does not float into such films for a no-brainer, but are often woken up by the sheer talent of those involved in its production. One of the detrimental facts of our present culture is its dependence on icons of happiness and frovility. Feeling sad? Go and buy an eyebrow growth serum. Feeling stupid? Go and see Legally Blonde, with the ever-so-blonde Reese Witherspoon, idolatress of the pre-pubescent generation. That should sort things out. Because if pretty little Reese can be smart and blonde (yet still stupid), so can I ! The prevalence of popstars and celebreties rather than bands or musicians has infested our airwaves. I doubt Britney Spears even knows how to read music. She is an iconic vehicle for the money-making machine that is the contemporary music industry. Therefore, in defense of my first statement, I must acknowledge, but not agree with your statement. There is nothing wrong with dumbing-down entertainment products for mass consumption after a hard day’s work. But when the entire culture becomes dumbed-down, when everything you see and hear is made simple for easy digestion, it becomes crass, oversimplified and degenerative. Anxst has been buried under a snowball of pretty things and distractions. Independent thought has been smothered in bombardment from logos, images, advertisements of all kinds. We are told how to think. How to feel. How to react. And I bet pretty little Reese reacts exactly the way you expect her to. The usual tossing of the hair, poor-me syndrome followed by the notoriously easy-and-fun rise to popularity. Yay.

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