not too intellectual

ok ok point taken.. but give people some credit.. lets look at it like this. Named as the most popular movie of all time is Titanic as it is currently the biggest grossing movie at the box office to date. So many people look down on this movie as it was over commercilised, and its just a no thinker chick leonardo “baby face” dicaprio flick. This movie may have been the biggest grossing movie of all time, but when it comes to popularity ppl name the best movie of all time as Shawshank Redemption . A classic ‘intellectual’ film that has everything, a movie that is in every which way worthy of this position. So give ppl some credit please.. we arn’t all cows and sheep. Oh and not all todays entertainment products are ‘dumbed-down’.. i mean geez.. look at Dawsons Creek .. mighty intellectual i say, hurrah! *cracks up*. mmm pacey.. *giggle*

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