I give up

Well.. I knew that would get you going.. perhaps i should inform you that a bulk of the audience was couples over approximatly 25. Three rows back a couple brought themselves and there three ( crying sniviling *grumble grumble* ) kids. Most of the couples where all lovey dovey.. which adds to a little theory i have that movies like this are made so guys can take there girlfriends too in order to get some brownie points. Its the same reason Arnold “heck i’m so popular i could pull of being a kindergarten teacher” Schwarzenegger movies are made, but for the reverse reason. Also when it comes down to it, a bulk of the population after working all day doesn’t want to think. I don’t mean that in a bad way, ppl like to turn on the idiot box and watch something that doesn’t make there brain hurt.. and if it has a cute guy/girl in it.. all the better. I’m one of these ppl, I do love ‘intellectual’ film, ones that make you think.. but sometimes I just like to watch a movie that doesn’t take any concentration whats so ever.. and thats why these movies make it big.

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