Nursing a newborn – my bf’ing notes

Please ignore this if nursing or breastfeeding freaks you out! I’m making a post of this for my own notes.

1. Avoid mastitis (ouch!) by pumping and nursing regularly. Do not let milk build up until it hurts.

2. Get nursing pads to avoid any embarrassments in public and staining my clothes.

3. Unlatch a baby by slipping a finger inside his mouth to break the suction. Otherwise, ouch! Babies are like sticky urchins when they feed.

4. The correct way for baby to latch on is to get a wide mouthful. Stop him if he only latches onto a bit of skin, otherwise, ouch again!

5. Alternate each side when feeding.

6. Using a breast pump and feeding can build up supply as well as get rid of engorgement. Feeding more often means more milk coming in. Feed less often, but suffer through the engorgement to get my milk supply to dry up.

7. Even if I get everything right, it’ll probably still hurt. Think of BB and why I’m doing this.

8. Get lanolin cream. Stock up on it. I may have Alvin pick up a case when he goes to New Zealand next month.

9. Learn how to use a breast pump before I go back to work. I don’t want BB to have to go on formula. It’s overpriced and who knows what’s going on with the safety of milk powder nowadays. I’m still wary of anything that may have been contaminated or fake products from China.

10. Get some steam sanitizing bags or a microwave sterilizer. Mom keeps telling me that she boiled my bottles in a pot, and that I don’t need all that extra stuff in my house, but nobody’s got time to watch a boiling pot these days. Not to mention doing it multiple times and during summer. I’m getting sweaty just thinking about it. No thank you. I’m going to be a modern mama and admit when we’ve progressed and gotten some things right.

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Surprise! Alvin + I + BB = 3!!!!

A lot has happened since my last post, the biggest of all being that Alvin and I are expecting our first baby in February 2017! Ahhh!

Mum and dad are super excited over their first grandbaby and I’m part blissed and part scared out of my hair about what’s going to happen.

So far I’ve created my baby registry, planned out itineraries for my family to come over for my baby shower, and Alvin is still procrastinating about packing a hospital bag. Grrr, men!

Mom thinks I’m crazy and definitely stupid for trying this, but I think I’m going to use cloth diapers and breastfeed instead of relying on formula. I know it’ll be a lot of work compared to just throwing away a diaper after each change, but I have 3 months of maternity leave and I plan to alternate breastfeeding with a steady supply of pumped breast milk I’ll keep in our freezer so it shouldn’t be too bad. Well, too bad compared to the normal sleep deprived post partum period every new mom goes through!

Mom is pitching in and getting us our preferred breast pump, the Spectra S1 double electric pump in this review from HK. It’s supposed to be as good as the pumps they rent out from the hospital, but at 1/10 the price and I won’t have to share with anyone else. It’ll be all mine!

The nursery is almost all set up and we are all set with the car seat and other misc baby supplies. We still need to find a stroller we like. I’ve spent so many weekends at BabysR’Us trying out strollers but none of them seem right, or the ones I like cost waaaayyyy too much money!

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Back in the US. So cold! Need a new comforter. Brr…

Hello Lovelies!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted here, but after 4 years in HK and S’pore it’s time to say goodbye and move back home to be with my family.  I’m back in CA and I never thought the day would come, but I’m actually freezing my toots off in SoCal!!!! Ay-ya!

I think I’m going to have to pony up for a thick fluffy goose down comforter before winter really comes.  It’s still in the low 20s at night, but the temps will drop into the low teens soon.  I’m trying to save money and not blow all my $$$ on fripperies like an insane eiderdown duvet for $10000.  DROOL!  That sh*t must feel like sleeping on the clouds of angels. Is there a sugar-daddy out there willing to support me! LOL.

I’m probably going to just hit up IKEA and get a cheapie comforter like this one for like $30 or whatever they’re charging now.

Besides that I’m also going to have to budget in a new bed frame, mattress, and living room furniture.  I’m counting on my friends and family and the generosity of strangers for all the other sundries like utensils and miscellaneous knick knacks.

I’m still so vain though, so I’m going through tumblr and etsy looking for cheap ways to decorate my room and make my bed look pretty.  Here are some low cost DIY decorating ideas I’m considering.

Pretty bedroom decorating with christmas lights

Boho bedroom decorating with fabrics and textures.

This one is so simple, but it’s a great way to make use of a small room and it looks really cozy and organized.

Decorating Ideas for a small bedroom

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Just back from hairdressing trip

Hi everybody!  I recently landed a gig as a hairdresser on a fashion shoot in glamorous Ibiza!!!!!  It was just absolutely amazing.  we did the shoot on a boat and partly at a rented villa and even though the weather was absolutely horrid and humid the pictures came out beautiful!   Our stylists were very nice and even let us keep some of the pieces used during the shoot.  I can’t reveal what the shoot is for but I will tell you that you will see my handy work in three months time in a widely published UK magazine. :D

As for me, I wore a gorgeous vintage dress during the shoot and while it worked wonderfully at keeping me cool and not sweating like a pig, I sure did regret it the day after!!!!  Can you say sunburn OUCH!  That Spanish sun sure is killer.  Well right now I am back at home and sitting comfy in my silk PJs.  As soon as I finish typing this I am going to paint my nails a gorgeous aqua color just like the waters in Ibiza.

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The best way to get great looking eyelashes

I am about to reveal to you my top secret beauty weapon that I just cannot leave without when I leave my house.  Are you ready?…

Here you go!

It’s called the Go Curl Pocket Curler and it’s made by Japonesque.  I have never used a better eyelash curler in my entire life!  I love how it folds away and it’s pretty small, even smaller than an ipod nano.

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I just wasted two hours of my life

*shakes head* Christ. Legally blonde. Is this movie screaming to be canned, or what? I cannot believe that movies like that can get made, and will sell like hotcakes to popstars and little girls (and some older girls, too, by the sound of it), and a great many decent movies can’t get off the ground because they are too ‘intellectual’, and won’t sell.

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I give up

Well.. I knew that would get you going.. perhaps i should inform you that a bulk of the audience was couples over approximatly 25. Three rows back a couple brought themselves and there three ( crying sniviling *grumble grumble* ) kids. Most of the couples where all lovey dovey.. which adds to a little theory i have that movies like this are made so guys can take there girlfriends too in order to get some brownie points. Its the same reason Arnold “heck i’m so popular i could pull of being a kindergarten teacher” Schwarzenegger movies are made, but for the reverse reason. Also when it comes down to it, a bulk of the population after working all day doesn’t want to think. I don’t mean that in a bad way, ppl like to turn on the idiot box and watch something that doesn’t make there brain hurt.. and if it has a cute guy/girl in it.. all the better. I’m one of these ppl, I do love ‘intellectual’ film, ones that make you think.. but sometimes I just like to watch a movie that doesn’t take any concentration whats so ever.. and thats why these movies make it big.

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What is wrong with modern culture

I must say, you make a fine point. I capitulate in part to your theory in regard to such lame productions being partially for the purpose of appeasing one’s partner, whether she be blonde or he a thug. And I also acknowledge the fact that many people watch movies and television to forget about their hard day’s work. The only problem is, I am of the opinion that many people don’t even think while they are at work. In which case, they should certainly be making up for it when they finally get home. However, there are many of us (though growing less, it seems) who watch films for the artistry of such things as direction, cinematography, acting and set design. There is nothing I love more than a grim, morbid-looking film, a pure hit for the aesthetic-dependent. Directors like David Fincher, actors like John Malkovich, and films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are worthy of such praise. One does not float into such films for a no-brainer, but are often woken up by the sheer talent of those involved in its production. One of the detrimental facts of our present culture is its dependence on icons of happiness and frovility. Feeling sad? Go and buy an eyebrow growth serum. Feeling stupid? Go and see Legally Blonde, with the ever-so-blonde Reese Witherspoon, idolatress of the pre-pubescent generation. That should sort things out. Because if pretty little Reese can be smart and blonde (yet still stupid), so can I ! The prevalence of popstars and celebreties rather than bands or musicians has infested our airwaves. I doubt Britney Spears even knows how to read music. She is an iconic vehicle for the money-making machine that is the contemporary music industry. Therefore, in defense of my first statement, I must acknowledge, but not agree with your statement. There is nothing wrong with dumbing-down entertainment products for mass consumption after a hard day’s work. But when the entire culture becomes dumbed-down, when everything you see and hear is made simple for easy digestion, it becomes crass, oversimplified and degenerative. Anxst has been buried under a snowball of pretty things and distractions. Independent thought has been smothered in bombardment from logos, images, advertisements of all kinds. We are told how to think. How to feel. How to react. And I bet pretty little Reese reacts exactly the way you expect her to. The usual tossing of the hair, poor-me syndrome followed by the notoriously easy-and-fun rise to popularity. Yay.

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not too intellectual

ok ok point taken.. but give people some credit.. lets look at it like this. Named as the most popular movie of all time is Titanic as it is currently the biggest grossing movie at the box office to date. So many people look down on this movie as it was over commercilised, and its just a no thinker chick leonardo “baby face” dicaprio flick. This movie may have been the biggest grossing movie of all time, but when it comes to popularity ppl name the best movie of all time as Shawshank Redemption . A classic ‘intellectual’ film that has everything, a movie that is in every which way worthy of this position. So give ppl some credit please.. we arn’t all cows and sheep. Oh and not all todays entertainment products are ‘dumbed-down’.. i mean geez.. look at Dawsons Creek .. mighty intellectual i say, hurrah! *cracks up*. mmm pacey.. *giggle*

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So you have a point

Perhaps so. But I hardly inferred that every last member of the human race was culpable as far as the said degeneration is concerned. I simply worry for the trend. And of course there are exceptions… as there are with all things. The Shawshank Redemption is, as you say, a thinking-viewer’s film, and a surprising choice for the all-time favourite movie. Speaking of candy-flicks, I would have though Star Wars would have rated up there. And don’t tell anyone, but I quite enjoy Dawson’s Creek, for that very reason. Their vocabulary is, for the first time on television, interesting. Like yourself, Pacey appealed to me in respectable quantities.

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Random observations

Happy Birthday Vitriol.. Another year older hey..well enjoy it. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Pretty much leaves your options open there. *smiles*

Why do hot dogs come in packs of 8, but hot dog buns only in packs of 6? *sigh*

ah HA! I knew it.. your a closet Dawsons Creek fan… come to the dark side vitriol.. *mwahahhahaaa* Before you know it, i’ll have you reading marvel comics, and watching Pauly Shore movies and the next Big Brother series.. *rubs hands together with much evil intention*

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How to buy false eyelash glue

There are many different types of glue for false eyelashes. Some fake lash adhesives offer a strong and durable hold. Other types of false eyelash glue are more gentle and are a good eyelash glue for sensitive eyes. There is a trade off between strength and gentleness. An easy to remove false eyelash glue is usually easy to rub off and fake eyelashes attached using a fake lashes glue for sensitive eyes will tend to pop out. So if you use a gentle or easy to remove eyelash glue you will need to bring the lash adhesive with you when you go out for periodic touch ups during the day. Otherwise, if you are wondering what is the best eyelash glue, you should consider your needs when you buy false eyelash glue.  It’s easy to damage your lashes with false lash glue so you should find out how to buy eyelash growth products and protect your lashes.

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I Love Argyle

I’m just going to take a moment to say how much I adore argyle.  There’s just something about those diamonds and lines.  It’s hip, casual, dressy, and timeless all at the same time.  It looks great on socks, sweaters, caps, mittens, and pretty much anything.  What I don’t love though is how people seem to be abusing this classic style.  There’s just no excuse for fake argyle printed hoodies.  It just looks cheap and tacky.

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